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EpiValence Products Consulting
Specialty chemicals such as Yb(thd)3 for laser fiber for CVD precursors are available.
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InstruTech, Inc. Products Vacuum Gauge
InstruTech's core technology is microprocessor based vacuum gauge sensors utilizing the most recent advances in vacuum gauge sensor and controller design.
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jutronic Products Induction Medium Frequency Generators
Offers a wide range of Solid State Medium Frequency generators for induction heating melting systems and programs.
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Raymat Induction Medium Frequency Generators
We design and formulate coatings and adhesives for optical fibers, photonics, semiconductors and lasers. We provide low refractive index UV-cured resins.
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ONDRAČKA Induction Medium Frequency Generators
We offer complete water to wire solution for small hydro power plants from 20 kW to 2 MW. The net head and available discharge determines the type of turbine(Francis, Pelton, Kaplan or Diagonal).
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Product lineup ranges from mobile pico hydraulic power generation/storage device with output 20W to micro hydraulic power generation system with max output 20kW.
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