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OptaCore Products Consulting
develops, designs and manufactures production equipment of: MCVD systems, draw towers, Rare earth vapor phase doping system and so on.
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develops, designs and manufactures of: special doped fiber preforms, special fibers and fiber coatings, and cables.
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Plant design & installation services, refurbishing & upgrades, supply of high purity, chemicals, know-how transfer and so on.
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InstruTech, Inc. Products Vacuum Gauge
InstruTech's core technology is microprocessor based vacuum gauge sensors utilizing the most recent advances in vacuum gauge sensor and controller design.
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optoskand Products Incoupling Optics
The incoupling optics brings your laser beam safely into our fibers. The incoupling optics line includes products for all types of couplings, time switching or energy sharing.
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Fiber Optic Cables
Thanks to a well-developed and patented system featuring Quartz Block and Mode Stripper, the fibers withstand high power levels with extremely low power losses.
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External Optics
Our stable external optics brings your laser beam to the workpiece. Based on a modular and prealigned concept these products offer you the highest level of flexibility and performance..
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jutronic Products Induction Medium Frequency Generators
Offers a wide range of Solid State Medium Frequency generators for induction heating melting systems and programs.
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Raymat Induction Medium Frequency Generators
We design and formulate coatings and adhesives for optical fibers, photonics, semiconductors and lasers. We provide low refractive index UV-cured resins.
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ONDRAČKA Induction Medium Frequency Generators
We offer complete water to wire solution for small hydro power plants up to 2MW. The net head and available discharge determines the type of turbine(Francis, Pelton, Kaplan or Diagonal).
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